• Learning Environments by Design – Professional site

    Learning Environments by Design or LEbyD.com is a professional site for Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.  This site is dedicated to her work as an academic … [Continue Reading]

    Learning Environments by Design – Professional site
  • GEO Graves – Business

    GEO Graves is an amazing business where you can actually upload pictures and information about a loved one's grave and then use the site to later navigate to that grave site. You can also search for other graves and navigate to those as well. A truly one-of-a-kind business and website. Key Features … [Continue Reading]

    GEO Graves – Business
  • Elena DeAngelis – Professional site

    Elena DeAngelis is a professional web design client.  Her website design captures her playful personality while maintaining the professionalism of her opera career.  The original design of her website was very crisp and clean and while it looked good, it didn't reflect her personality.  After many months of … [Continue Reading]

    Elena DeAngelis – Professional site
  • David Westfall – eCommerce site

    David Westfall is an eCommerce web design client. His website design features many customizations not typically found on other sites.  The design required a secure, clean, and easy to navigate online store experience.  He wanted full control over all of his online products, the descriptions, and imagery. … [Continue Reading]

    David Westfall – eCommerce site
  • Ralph David Westfall – Professional site

    This is a second site I completed for David. He needed a light, simple site where he could post his resume and film samples. I also consulted on his YouTube channel. … [Continue Reading]

    Ralph David Westfall – Professional site
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