DCDesign owner, Dan Carlson


I’m the owner and designer behind DCDesign. I currently operate out of the greater Philadelphia area. But more importantly than where I am today is what I believe. I believe you deserve a web designer, and company, that’s concerned about your satisfaction, both today and tomorrow. A website is so much more than what gets put into it today because it needs to grow with you. One common misconception about websites, whether personal or professional, they are not a once and done thing.  Instead, they need to to grow as you grow. As your career changes and updates, so does your personal website. As your business expands and grows, so does your professional website. And I promise that I can give you a website that you will be proud of today and that can grow with you tomorrow. Whether you want to blog, advertise your personal career, or take your retail store to the digital front, I can take you there. I understand the strategies that will help your website rank high in search engines and I’ll do it all on a platform that you can learn to maintain yourself. Or if you prefer, keep me on retainer and I’ll maintain it for you. Read my section about WordPress to understand how I’ll deliver on that promise.

DCDesign clients

DCDesign and you…

More than just the platform I use, I also believe my background enables me to provide you with a positive, unique, and successful product. I spent 10 years in the US military, so DCDesign is a veteran owned company. And as a veteran, I know what it means to serve, putting the needs of others before my own. During my time on active duty, I earned multiple degrees, most notably, my Masters in Educational Technology. Combining my experience with my education, I chose to honorably separate from the military and joined the ranks of corporate America. My time in the business world has shown me what can go wrong when a company forgets why it exists, putting itself ahead of clients. I vow to never become one of those companies. I’ve also witnessed the power of a company that places its clients first. But possibly most importantly, my time serving in the military, working as a designer and developer, and consulting, I understand the importance of project management. I can ensure you that I will do everything in my control to deliver your project on time and on budget. At DCDesign, I know my company exists to serve, which means you come first.