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Mobile is a must

Is your website optimized for mobile use? A mobile version of your website is an easily overlooked, overcharged, and underestimated tool that you need to carefully consider. If you reflect on your own mobile browsing habits, you may discover using a smartphone or tablet to surf the web dominates sitting at a desk or with a laptop. Which is why adding a mobile component to your site is the easiest way to maximize your virtual footprint. You’re probably thinking, “My iPhone, Android, or Blackberry can view regular websites, why should I pay to have a mobile website developed?” Well, the truth is, while the greatest smartphones are able to render many regular webpages, they still rely on smaller screens which is far from providing that optimal web experience to your visitors, clients, or customers desire and you paid for. The online experience is one that has been taken over by the app and it’s what users have come to expect. More specifically, an app is fast, clean, and easy to use with a touch based interface (relying on fingers rather than a mouse).

If you’ve read our WordPress design page and how our designs are built on the WordPress framework, then you probably already know that I have a simple solution for your mobile needs. WordPress developers have created two amazing options for us to use.  First are responsive themes that are intelligent enough to identify what kind of device your visitor is using. It then responds by automatically adjusting your website’s layout accordingly. Secondly, taking the mobile experience a step further and my personal favorite, I can install one of many different mobile plug-ins, instantly giving your site its very own, unique mobile view. It’s how I created the mobile site for DCDesign, Elena DeAngelis.com, and it’s how I can enhance your site as well.