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custom website

Custom website

I approach the custom websige design and development process in a slightly different way than some might. I believe in giving you a head start and offering appropriate shortcuts along the way. Let me explain what I mean:

I believe in taking shortcuts only when and where they will improve your experience, satisfaction, and end product. Templates are one shortcut that can save both you and me time in the design process. And when you save time, you get your website sooner and when I save time, you save money. Custom websites don’t have to take forever to design or develop. Think about building a new home. You can sit down with an architect and a blank sheet of paper and design your custom home wall by wall, inch by inch. But that’s going to take forever!

Real estate developers have figured out that it’s faster for them and cheaper for you if they come up with a book of home layouts that you can choose from. You can then select from a whole list of customization options that fit your needs and unique style. But I can do better than offer you ten home layouts to choose from. Together we can look at hundreds, even thousands of custom web design templates and have a prototype of your website up and running in just a few hours! You can click this link to see some of my favorite custom website themes that you could choose from.

And that’s where the head start comes in. By selecting the right template for you, we have allowed someone else to do the initial heavy lifting without paying the premium that comes with hiring that architect. We are now free to focus our time making your custom website look just the way you want, function just the way you want, and ultimately, get you what you want: visitors!