Pricing unlocked


Web design can be complicated but pricing your website does not. Web design companies can charge by the hour, by the page, by the individual feature, or any combination of each. And through the use of technical jargon, many web design companies are successful convincing their customers those high prices are necessary. I don’t believe that has to be the case.

WordPress makes it easy for me to bundle a number of services together which makes the pricing simple to understand. I believe in spending the time upfront to consult with you about your design needs and wants. We can talk on the phone or meet at your favorite coffee shop. After the consultation is complete, I can identify the goals of your website and the true scope of the project, allowing us to quickly agree on the right price for the right services.

I also believe in delivering a product you can truly own and maintain once I’m done and have delivered your website. This approach saves you money each and every day after the completion of your website because you don’t have to rehire a web designer, saving you thousands over the span of your website.

Pricing schedule

Standard website $250 – $499
Premium website $500 – $999
Advanced website (eCommerce) $1,000 and up
Other special projects Contact me for an estimate