Learning Environments by Design – Professional site

lebyd_siteLearning Environments by Design or LEbyD.com is a professional site for Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.  This site is dedicated to her work as an academic [Read more…]

GEO Graves – Business

GEO Graves is an amazing business where you can actually upload pictures and information about a loved one’s grave and then use the site to later navigate to that grave site. You can also search for other graves and navigate to those as well. A truly one-of-a-kind business and website.

Key Features include

  • Built on an entirely free theme! A lot of themes that cost over $100 don’t look or run this good or as easy to use.
  • Extensive color control and custom logo uploads are just a few clicks away on this exciting, new WordPress platform.
  • Built in portfolio functionality allows for easy advertisement of the latest works, including individual image sliders.
  • Enhanced for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) earning it a top page rankings on Bing and Yahoo ensuring it’s easily found.
  • This site is ready to connect to all of the social media outlets (currently on Pinterest). It’s ready at the click of a button.
  • A fully responsive design means this website looks amazing on your computer, iPad, Android, and smartphone!
  • Payment is as simple as click, click, boom! PayPal integration is set up as a single click transaction.

GEO Graves Regional Map

Cost of a standard website

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Responsive or mobile design?

Responsive vs. Mobile

This is a question all website owners must ask themselves when they set out to hire a web designer.  And it’s a question your designer/developer should be able to consult on with you.  I’m going to give you the down and dirty here and if you’re interested in learning more about which one is right for you, contact me and we can discuss it further. [Read more…]

Elena DeAngelis – Professional site

Elena DeAngelis logoElena DeAngelis is a professional web design client.  Her website design captures her playful personality while maintaining the professionalism of her opera career.  The original design of her website was very crisp and clean and while it looked good, it didn’t reflect her personality.  After many months of discussion we were able to work together to fine tune her personal web design.  She has been very successful exercising full control over all of her images and content.  Her website also includes a mobile format that loads quickly and cleaning, providing a seamless user experience on any mobile device.  Elena has put a lot of effort into her blog, Singing for her supper which is an integral strategy in keeping her personal and professional presence on the web relevant.

[Read more…]

David Westfall – eCommerce site

David Westfall is an eCommerce web design client. His website design features many customizations not typically found on other sites.  The design required a secure, clean, and easy to navigate online store experience.  He wanted full control over all of his online products, the descriptions, and imagery. [Read more…]

Ralph David Westfall – Professional site

This is a second site I completed for David. He needed a light, simple site where he could post his resume and film samples. I also consulted on his YouTube channel.