Elena DeAngelis – Professional site

Elena DeAngelis logoElena DeAngelis is a professional web design client.  Her website design captures her playful personality while maintaining the professionalism of her opera career.  The original design of her website was very crisp and clean and while it looked good, it didn’t reflect her personality.  After many months of discussion we were able to work together to fine tune her personal web design.  She has been very successful exercising full control over all of her images and content.  Her website also includes a mobile format that loads quickly and cleaning, providing a seamless user experience on any mobile device.  Elena has put a lot of effort into her blog, Singing for her supper which is an integral strategy in keeping her personal and professional presence on the web relevant.

I have placed a lot of focus on tweaking her web design and content to maximize her Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is one of the most critical features of a successful web design, whether it be for personal or professional pursuits.  After all, if nobody can find your website, what good is it?  As of the writing of this summary, Googling her name will of course result in a #1 Google search result; however, Googling her blog results in a #3 result, which is up 4 spots from just a week ago.  And the more she blogs, the higher her ranking will be.

Other web design companies will charge you outrageous prices for SEO alone.  If SEO is a concern of yours, and it should be, I will work with you to bundle it into your personal web design so you will get the benefits of SEO without the risk of a second mortgage.

Additional personal web design features:

  • Customized mobile web experience
  • Fine tuned Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom designed website logo, fonts, and other images
  • Advanced image slider that can feature recent performances and posts
  • Automatic submissions to Google, Yahoo, and Bing with each and every blog post
  • Enhanced calendar features and functions so she can advertise upcoming events
  • Embedded YouTube video and music samples, both critical to the career of an opera singer
  • Customized social media side bar for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and many more
  • A personal web design that serves both her personal and professional needs on a platform that can grow with her

Elena DeAngelis professional web site