GEO Graves – Business

GEO Graves is an amazing business where you can actually upload pictures and information about a loved one’s grave and then use the site to later navigate to that grave site. You can also search for other graves and navigate to those as well. A truly one-of-a-kind business and website.

Key Features include

  • Built on an entirely free theme! A lot of themes that cost over $100 don’t look or run this good or as easy to use.
  • Extensive color control and custom logo uploads are just a few clicks away on this exciting, new WordPress platform.
  • Built in portfolio functionality allows for easy advertisement of the latest works, including individual image sliders.
  • Enhanced for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) earning it a top page rankings on Bing and Yahoo ensuring it’s easily found.
  • This site is ready to connect to all of the social media outlets (currently on Pinterest). It’s ready at the click of a button.
  • A fully responsive design means this website looks amazing on your computer, iPad, Android, and smartphone!
  • Payment is as simple as click, click, boom! PayPal integration is set up as a single click transaction.

GEO Graves Regional Map