Learning Environments by Design – Professional site

lebyd_siteLearning Environments by Design or LEbyD.com is a professional site for Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.  This site is dedicated to her work as an academic on learning environments. Catherine has just made her eBook public, and is for sale on LEbyD.com.
This custom designed website was built to support her online needs as an author and individual consultant.  I spent a great deal of time collaborating with Catherine to customize the template code so it would display just right.  The website gives her a highly polished, easy to use approach to connect with peers, colleagues, and consumers.

Key Features

  • Built on a highly agile template making ongoing use and maintenance simple and easy – Catherine added all of her own content!
  • The website is 100% responsive which means it will look great on any device from a desktop, laptop, iPad, or a smartphone.
  • Integrated eCommerce plug-ins allow for the easy sale and secure download of digital content.
  • Social media is built into the site allowing Twitter feeds to seamlessly flow into the website.
  • Custom coding was used to control which menus appear on the right hand side of the Resource Portal pages.